New stabilizer for Greek Style Yogurt and Petit-Suisse with ‘Clean Label’

New stabilizer for Greek Style Yogurt and Petit-Suisse with ‘Clean Label’


Premilac® XLY-15049 uses recombination technology which allows Greek yogurt and Petit-suisse manufacturers to make products without generating by-products or increasing viscosity during the process. This way, 100% of yield can be obtained in the usual production lines.

Premium Ingredients has recently launched Premilac® XLY-15049, a new stabilizer based on dairy protein for the production of Greek style yogurt and Petit-suisse. This stabilizer has been developed by the Premium Ingredients Formulation team with the goal of optimizing the final product in terms of cost, texture, level of protein and syneresis control. Furthermore, this is a ‘clean label’ product without E numbers.

According to the study carried out by DMS Global Insights Series Yogurt, entitled How health drives yogurt consumption, “one out of three consumers say that a ‘clean label’ would be a reason enough to consume more yogurt.” They would even be willing to pay more for this kind of products.

Consumers increasingly demand more dairy products such as yogurt made with organic ingredients without E numbers, seeking a balance between taste and ingredients without additives. In this regard, Premilac® XLY-15049 is an ideal solution for those Greek style yogurt and Petit-suisse manufacturers that decide to join this trend towards marketing products with clean labels and pure flavors.

The new stabilizer is a mixture of a dairy protein especially selected by Premium Ingredients. In addition, its unique composition allows its use in a wide range of fermented dairy products. Premilac® XLY-15049 ensures a rich and creamy texture, as well as optimal body and feeling in mouth in the final product. All without adding powdered milk, rubbers or other solids usually used to enrich yogurt. Premilac® XLY-15049 maintains a casein and whey protein ratio identical to the one found in milk.

On a different matter, products like Petit-suisse and Greek style yogurt traditionally generate by-products such as whey drainage during its processing. Premilac® XLY-15049 uses recombination technology to produce these products without whey drainage, thus obtaining 100% of yield. This way, manufacturers save costs while avoiding the disadvantages of handling and managing by-products such as whey drainage.

With Premilac® XLY-15049, Greek yogurt and Petit-suisse can be produced in a classic yogurt line as neither the viscosity nor the fermentation time are increased during the process.

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