Blending & Packaging of


Premium Ingredients offers food ingredients blending and packaging services for its own formulations and for other collaborators in different locations and formats:

  • Blending food powder raw materials into functional food ingredients.
  • Blending food powder raw materials into finished powder products.
  • Blending food powder raw materials together with liquid injection into functional food ingredients or finished powder products.
  • Packaging finished products into tubes, pouches and bags from 25 gram to 25 kg and big bags.

Premium Ingredients can blend all formulations in the most convenient location for its customers both in its state of the art factory in Spain or in the Portable Powder Blending factory that Blendhub Corp. is installing in different parts of the world. This allows the company to optimize its customers’ supply chain and reduce the cost of the final product delivered.

Currently, Premium Ingredients has factories in:

Spain – State of the art factory and Portable Powder Blending factories

Mexico – Portable Powder Blending factory

India – Portable Powder Blending factory

Anywhere – Blendhub Corp. can study the possibility of installing a plant anywhere in the world.